My Story

I am a Southern transplant to the state of Michigan by way of Tennessee, Oklahoma, Illinois and Ohio! Growing up in Tennessee I never imagined living any further north than I already did! But, God had other plans! Now I would not want to be anywhere else than the sleepy little Lake Michigan beach town we call home! 

I met my husband, David, in College at Mid-America Christian University in Oklahoma City, OK. We are probably more opposite than alike. We see things very differently, but that's what makes our marriage a lot of fun! We married in 1991 and five years later God blessed us with our oldest son, Caleb. Two and a half years later Jacob came along. I blinked my eyes and Jacob went out of state to college and Caleb graduated from college. How does this happen? 

My husband is the lead pastor at St. Joseph First Church and over the years I have served in the church doing many different things. I have also spent time working outside the home. Presently, I am on Staff at First Church as the Director of Adult Discipleship. 

In this new season as empty nesters God has started a new thing in my heart and life. Writing and speaking has always been a sweet spot of joy for me and God is opening new doors. I am simply following where He is leading. Acknowledging that I CANNOT do anything without Him nor would I want to!

I love to laugh, hike, do crossfit, decorate, create, write, speak, paint, draw, read, take naps, disciple others and spend time with my family. I am an imperfect mess that is totally dependent on God.