I understand the analogy of the "empty nest." But, the implied part of this analogy is an empty nest is a less busy nest. Not true. NOT TRUE. Granted sometimes it feels like I am in the waiting room but most often it feels like I just ran in a race I forgot to train for. No matter, because I have decided to embrace this new reality...every single awkward, heart-wrenching, tiring, ugly, hard, enriching, joyful, fun moment.

I have learned some things along the way. Things like: a sleeping bag is my best friend during cold soccer games, its not the end of the world if you leave dishes in the sink over night, and breakfast for dinner is just simply a beautiful thing!

In this season like every one before it, God is up to something new in my life. The vision He plans to accomplish through my journey is one that takes place slowly, steadily and surely.  Impatience is my worst enemy. In fact, impatience is what gets us into the most trouble in life. So, this is my therapy of sorts. Maybe if I share my journey. Maybe if I let you into my life a bit we can keep each other out of trouble while God does His business in and through us all.